District International Service Committee Overview

Do you have a special interest or skill that could help Rotarians and Clubs in planning, designing, and implementing a Global or a District grant?  

District International Service Committee Application to Join

To use this fillable .pdf form:  

  1. Download and save the file to your desktop
  2. Enter information and save it to the form.
  3. Email the completed form as an attachment to [email protected] with a copy to Walt Schafer, District Grants Committee Chair (2018-2021) at [email protected].


2019 Project Fair Attendance Grant Reports


Costa Rica Project Fair:

Costa Rica Project Fair Report, Lamorinda Rotary and Redding West Rotary 

Columbia Project Fair:

Columbia Project Fair Narrative Report, Hercules Rotary 

Columbia Project Fair Presentations to International Rotarians, Hercules Rotary

Columbia Project Fair Report, Woodland Sunrise Rotary 

Eastern Africa Project Fair:

Eastern Africa Project Fair, Dougherty Valley/San Ramon Rotary

Eastern Africa Project Fair Narrative   

Eastern Africa Project Details, Anderson Rotary 

Eastern Africa Project Fair, Woodland Sunrise Rotary


Showcase Your International Service Project Here:


Anderson Rotary supplies lifesaving equipment in Mexico


District 5160 Foundation Day 2019 Closing Plenary Session Presentations 

Schedule and Contact Information 


Part 1. How to Find and Utilize Resources to Develop Projects

Part 2. Project Fair Attendance

Part 3.  Project Exchange

Zambia and Mexico

   Tanzania and Honduras


Rotarian Action Groups

A Rotarian Action Group shall be an association of Rotarians, family members of Rotarians, program participants and alumni who have as their purpose the advancement of the Object of Rotary by providing assistance and support to Rotary clubs, districts, and multi-districts in planning and implementing large-scale, community development and humanitarian service projects.


The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers

A group of accomplished volunteer Rotarians who provide free technical expertise, guidance, and advice to Rotarians around the world in planning and carrying out stronger, more effective, and sustainable grant projects in all Areas of Focus.

For more information or with questions, please email Sheila Hurst, District International Service Chair, at [email protected]


DISC Application Form

DISC Application Form